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• Upfront Pricing: We will tell you what it will
    cost BEFORE we start working!
• 1 Year Warranty: Ask about our 1 year
    warranty on sewer and drain cleaning.
• Video Pipe Inspection: the ONLY way
    to know what is in your pipes!
• Licensed & Insured: Florida
    State Plumbing Contractor CFC044135
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John Mislow, the owner of Mislow Plumbing, has been in the business since 1988. Licensed and insured in the state of Florida, John specializes in sewer cleaning and drain cleaning. With 20+ Years of plumbing experience, John knows South Florida sewer and drain pipes better than anybody! If you want expert advice and high quality work, contact Mislow Plumbing today.


What makes Mislow Plumbing so different?
  • Upfront Pricing: You will know what it will cost BEFORE any work is done. When its time to pay the bill, there will be NO surprises. Upfront Pricing on Sewer Cleaning and Drain Cleaning Sets Mislow Plumbing apart from the rest!
  • Variety of Drain Cleaning Services: In addition to standard drain cleaning, Mislow Plumbing employs Hydro-Jetting and Video Pipe Inspections when more difficult drain issues arise.
  • 1 Year Warranty: Ask about our 1 year warranty on our sewer cleaning and drain cleaning services.

What Mislow Plumbing Offers to You…

Video Pipe Inspection Services

Tiny tree roots usually are searching for water and can find it in your sewer line! This can cause major pipe and drain issues if not addressed correctly.
By having these problematic tree roots cut once a year you can help prevent a major sewer line issue later on.
Mislow Plumbing recommends the Video Pipe Inspection Services Once a Year to help prevent these issues.

Plantation Drain Cleaning Services

There are also lots of other reasons for
a drain in your kitchen or bathroom to clog:

  • Built-up Grease
  • Improper Disposal
  • Soap Deposits
  • Old Drain Pipes

Call us today at 954-584-7260
and we will take care of all of your Drain and Sewer related issues!

About Our Sewer Cleaning and Drain Cleaning Services

Hydro Jetting Services

Hydro Jetting Services

Often the Drain Pipe or Sewer Line can be blocked by something that is too Soft to be dug out with knives typical drain cleaning machine. In addition, stubborn blockages, like grease or soap, can also be difficult to remove using conventional methods.
In these cases, Mislow Plumbing uses Water, or “Hydro Jettting” to ensure your drains and pipes are cleaned correctly and completely.
Hydro-Jetting is a procedure using specially designed cleaning heads attached to flexible, high-pressure nozzles.
This Super-Powered water flushes out the debris in your sewer system to clean out your sewer and drain pipes correctly the first time.
Things like large diameter lines and lines with a long run or excess build-up will probably require this kind of Water Jet service.
With Water Jetting, cleaning becomes faster and much more thorough with our high velocity cleaning equipment

Call today to make an appointment!

Sewer and Drain cleaning Services

This procedure is relatively inexpensive and can almost always be done in under an hour.
This allows our technicians to view the internal conditions of the sewer and/or drain lines to make sure there are no irregularities, like objects, scales, accumulated blockage, or any kind of build-up that would impede the proper use of our equipment.
Mislow Plumbing uses:

  • State-of-The-Art Camera Inspection Equipment
  • The Best Drain and Sewer Pipe Location Technology to ensure a quality sewer and drain service.

When a Major Problem is thought to exist, Mislow Plumbing employs:

  • Remote Video Inspection to determine what and where the problem is. By doing so, a picture of the problem is made visible.
  • Radio-Locating Equipment to determine the exact location of the problem area.

Knowing exactly where the problem in your drain or sewer is means a less expensive cost for you!
If you want some peace of mind, give us a call today!